Overview of Pharmacy D pharma in bareilly

The Diploma in Pharmacy ( D Pharm course information) is a two-year undergraduate diploma program that aims to provide students with the essential knowledge and skills required to work as pharmacy professionals. D.Pharm is an entry-level course in the field of pharmacy and serves as a foundation for individuals who wish to pursue a career as a pharmacist or work in various pharmaceutical settings. This course primarily focuses on the study of pharmaceutical sciences and pharmacy practice.

Key Components of the D Pharm Course information :

  1. Pharmaceutical Science: Students are introduced to fundamental pharmaceutical science subjects such as pharmacology, pharmaceutics, pharmaceutical chemistry and pharmacognosy. Details about Pharm D Course These subjects cover the study of drugs, their properties, formulations, actions and interactions with the human body.

  2. Pharmacy Practice: This component emphasizes the practical aspects of pharmacy, including drug dispensing, dosage forms, drug interactions, and patient counseling. Students learn about the responsibilities and ethical considerations of a pharmacist in a community or hospital pharmacy setting.

  3. Pharmacology: Pharmacology is a significant part of the D.Pharm course, where students study the effects of drugs on the human body, drug classifications, and therapeutic uses Admission open for d pharmacy 

  4. Medicinal Chemistry: This subject deals with the chemistry of drugs, including their synthesis, structure-activity relationships, and mechanisms of action.

  5. Pharmaceutics: Pharmaceutics educational institute near me in Bareilly focuses on the formulation and manufacturing of pharmaceutical products. Students learn about different dosage forms, drug delivery systems, and pharmaceutical technology. D pharma apply

  • D.Pharma Course Duration : 2 Years
  • D.Pharma Course Fees : Rs. 1.10L/year