Facilities sharing of knowledge on different fields related to Human Resource Management and help them to develop interpersonal skills needed in the corporate world.

MARKETING CLUB: Provides a platform to enhance their marketing skills, ignite the brilliant marketing ideas of students and offer them a platform to showcase their creativity.

CSR CLUB: Inculcate the values of societal development among students and take certain initiatives towards society development.

QUIZZING CLUB: Providing a ground for quizzing enthusiasts and promotes a healthy and competitive quizzing culture into the intellectual minds of the students.

FINANCE CLUB: Enhancing the finance and financial services knowledge of students through various activities and serves as a bridge between the industry and the student community.

SPORTS CLUB: Provides a healthy sporting habit among the students and helps to learn teamwork and infuses discipline.

CULTURAL CLUB: Inspire the students to showcase their skills and talents in the social, cultural and recreational activities