Campus Life


Rajshree Institute campus provides an ideal environment for young minds to explore new ideas, encourage creativity and independent thinking. It facilitates faculty to engage in research, staff to cultivate empathy towards students, and everyone to develop the twin qualities of life-long learning for yearning.

Rajshree Institute provides students a platform to develop, nurture and strengthen their talents through numerous opportunities for co-curricular and extra-curricular activities that hone talent. Life at the Rajshree Institute promotes the spirit of fun, teamwork, and leadership which is intellectually enriching through a plethora of activities that uphold creativity and innovation.

An array of events are organized through the year for students to take part and enrich their student life on campus. National days of importance and festivals are celebrated with great fervor. Students participate in several events enabling laurels to themselves and the Institute. Social outreach programs through volunteering programs, adoption of villages, plantation drives and awareness campaigns are organized periodically.

Cultural activities and budding artists in various genres are identified, encouraged and provided opportunities to exhibit their skills. The Institute aims at providing well-rounded growth and holistic development to its student community and the activity zone is buzzing with students and their energies create an ambience of fun, frolic and healthy competition, creating individuals who are well prepared to take on life’s nuances.

We make conscious efforts to keep the student community updated on contemporary events through brainstorming sessions, intellectual panel discussions, simulations, and quizzes. It has been actively engaging in building a strong academic base for students in enhancing their general awareness and ability.

Sports & Recreation

A fit mind is an active mind. With its state-of-the-art gymnasium, sports facilities – outdoor and indoor games – and the availability of expert gym instructors and sports coaches, the Institute encourages students to participate in various sports and recreational activities, apart from their regular academic schedules. Facilities for sports, indoor games, and areas for recreation and creative pursuits make Rajshree Institute a great place in shaping strong personalities.